Artist Statement

Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened the door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.  Art, design, and color have always been my passion.  My training began on Saturday mornings in elementary school with art lessons at the Montclair Art Museum and continued with a BA in Fine Arts and Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.  I have gone full cycle from Fine Artist, Industrial Designer, Design Business owner, to wife and mother, and now back to Fine Artist.

My artwork is about the interpretation of light and color in landscapes. It may be specific and representational or more intuitive and non-objective.  My daily exploration is capturing visual color expression into a new view.  There is a continual process of evaluating and editing the image to what is essential to the composition, rather than precisely capturing a given location.  I enjoy working either Plein Air or in the Studio, in various mediums: pastel, watercolor, and oil.  Painting allows for the emotional reconnection to the subconscious and a chance to be in the present.  I relocated to Nantucket, MA, in the fall of 2017, to redevelop and rediscover the original Fine Artist I am.  Thirty miles out to sea, the effect of light, weather, and color on the surrounding landscape is my inspiration as my creative life leads to a more enriched destiny.

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